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  1. Congressional Sportmen's Foundation
  2. Chris Kyle Foundation
  3. Delta Waterfowl
  4. Project Child Safe
  5. National Shooting Sports Foundation

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Why Join?

We  have built relationships with some of the top media players in the space, and with their help, we will be reaching over 8 million active industry-specific consumers every month.  This means your brand and products will have a robust reach throughout a very specific like-minded community.

Retailers can easily set up virtual storefronts and sell their products to millions of consumers. They can do this without all the noise from those others sites, venues, and platforms that discriminate against companies in this space.

Our state of the art AI technology aligns customers and merchants in order to create best-in-class user experiences and learning opportunities.  As a true customer-centric platform, Retailers can immediately reach those consumers that are specifically interested in a particular offering.

There are several benefits for Retailers to participate in our community, including:

  • Audience of 8-10 million every month;

  • Added sales tools to further retail and branding goals;

  • AI technology that will assist in customer acquisition, and even predict when consumers will buy certain products;

  • AI software that has already identified over 20 million active consumers;

  • A pro-2A community that will not discriminate against your store or brand;

  • The opportunity to contribute content;

  • Advertise products and brands via sponsored product listings and PPC programs on the site - all driven by your dashboard;

  • Set up a storefront which can highlight your products and brands;

  • Geo-targeted software will show products to those closest to you; and

  • You can easily upload all your products to the platform catalog (or we can do it for you).


Seller Dashboard

Exclusive dashboard for each merchant to monitor sales and performance


Vendor-specific URL

Merchants can use a brand name or their company name to form the base URL for their pages



Our Software allows sellers to promote their store and products while also providing additional branding information


Custom Attributes

We can create custom attributes for sellers to choose from when adding products to the front-end


YouTube Videos

Merchants can import videos from their YouTube channel for adding demo or promotional products


Quick View

Quick View allows a user to view the product in a popup without having to open the page

You are in Control

screens.pngSellers can manage notifications, insights on sales, average order values, best sellers, product approvals & much more with the responsive seller panel.

Merchants are able to control their storefront and products anywhere from any device.

I want to personally thank each merchant for participating on this amazing platform, one where our community can come together to conduct business without the prejudice or scrutiny of other sites. A portion of the platform's proceeds go directly to our efforts in supporting military and first responder families. With you, we can help those that need our help and support.

Thank you for supporting The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Thank you for recognizing the need to "Honor God, Country, and Families Who Serve" by helping us provide experiences that strengthen military and first responder marriages and families.

Your participation on this platform will help save marriages and families across America, and further strengthen our community, one which is consistently being attacked by outside interests.

Taya Kyle



Erick Navarro
President and CEO, Breakthrough Clean Technologies
We have been waiting for a community like this to come to market. We can't wait to participate in this ground breaking community and share our story with all of the shooting sports world!
Glade Smith
Owner, HellBent Holsters
I have followed the technological progress of this platform very closely over the last couple years. This is truly a community driven platform that our industry is in dire need of. We are very excited to join and participate!